About Us

Our Story

Conceptualized by an IT Professional with 13 years of comprehensive experience into Customer Service, with deep understanding of customer needs as per age, region and many other aspects.

Customer needs differ from one to one, it’s not an easy thing and excelling in the same, we have come forward with an aim of a one stop concept of Hot & Cold Beverages for the Whole Family within an affordable budget. We have made an extensive & rigorous research on our menu that we have Teas for different age groups; starting from children to elders and the same without compromising on our Lassis, Coolers, Flavored Milks and Milkshakes, along with our Snack Add ons.

Tea is the largest consumed beverage in the World and every humans need in a day to day routine, keeping this in purview, our emphasis is more on Teas along with other hot & cold beverages. Our specialty Teas aimed at different Age Levels, Tastes, Seasons are brought onto the Menu only after a great research and customer feedback. With the raw material being procured from best tea gardens of India and the world, we make sure our Customer’s Wish is fulfilled to the best.


Our Specialty

Aimed at consumers of all ages, tastes and professions and also keeping in mind the tropical climate of India, suiting all seasons, we have come up with different flavors and varieties of Teas with no compromise on Taste, Quality, Quantity and a concept behind every beverage we serve. Our speciality lies in our policy of “Everything Made Fresh & Live”. Customers wait more than normal at our counters to taste their favorite beverage; this says a lot about us. With a zeal to improve and increase our Menu content, we are constantly working on enhancement of our Menu through new tastes and wishes as per our name “Teas & Wishes” to keep fulfilling our Customers wishes

Who doesn’t like a good Tea ?

Tea being the second most consumed beverage on the planet after Water is consumed by any average individual all over the country irrespective of the occasion. It’s a fact that the Aroma of a well brewed tea is good enough to heal half of a pain. There’s no other beverage other than a Good Tea which works as a Stress Buster after long hours of work or just to start the day. Tea is served in different countries in different forms, tastes and appearances. We at “TEAS & WISHES” have worked on our Variety of Teas suiting every Indian’s palate.

Our zeal to fulfill more and more Customers Wishes can be achieved only through expansion.

We are on the look for expansion through Franchise Partners.